Yep, we too drank the Westside Kool-Aid.  That’s right, GK|CRE just moved into our sweet, new, David Daniels designed space on the Westside, right next to Octane Coffee (read: our caffeine intake has increased exponentially). It’s been interesting and exciting to watch this part of town grow over the last half-decade.  Not too many years ago, the Water Treatment Facility was the highlight of the neighborhood.  But, these days, we have everything from tacos to couture to speakeasies and swanky furniture on the Westside of town (also commonly referred to as “West Midtown”).

As Atlanta’s original “meatpacking district,” the Westside has a lot of rich history, and it also has a great arts scene.  Over here at GK|CRE, we do attempt to stay cultured, and frequent the The Atlanta Contemporary Art Center (Our head honcho, Gene Kansas, served a 3-year term on the board).  Membership does have its privileges: openings, exhibits, artist lectures, amazing art.  We were in awe over our good friend, and Atlanta artist, Shana Robbin’s exhibit, Supernatural Conductor, on display ‘til September 19, and we’re sure her super-stylish dad, Alan Robbins, over at White Provisions’ Knoll Furniture is proud too.

We’d be remiss to not throw in a quick shout out to Shana’s husband, Alex Martinez, who is by far our favorite photographer (but only in the Universe).

Speaking of cool and artsy, Savvy Snoot is our go-to for the funkier side of furniture and decorating.  We love talking with Marty Mason, the owner of Savvy, and, with his impeccable taste and smart business sense, we can’t help but wonder if the store is just named after him….?  Well-known for their chic selection of consignment pieces, they also have a great art collection.  Just ask Brooke Shields, who recently picked up a piece.

And, while we’re on the topic of shopping, we’re all a little worried about our ”professional development” budget, as GK|CRE is now walking distance to Sid Mashburn.  Just like we’re not the the typical “good ol’ boy” commercial real estate firm, Sid is not the typical retailer.

Sure, they’ve got the Southern hospitality thing down (walk in, and they’ll greet you with a Coke and a smile), but they definitely don’t entertain the standard “Southern” look (read: khakis, button-down, dirty hat).  Our friend, Sid, who obviously started the whole thing, is from Mississippi, and was a top designer at Ralph Lauren in New York City before heading back to Atlanta and giving guys like us the perfect place to shop for cool, stylish, and comfortable clothing while knocking out a game of ping pong if the mood strikes.  And, did we mention Sid was voted one of GQ’s top 10 Most Stylish Men in America?  Hey, what can we say, we like keepin’ good company.

While over at Sid’s, we can’t help but walk 20 feet to JCT for a drink and usually end up staying for a meal.  We don’t know how our buddy, Ford Fry, creates such perfection, but we don’t really care.  His shrimp and grits are the best in town (and have been known to cure a hangover or two).  We could put in some serious hours on the JCT patio, but when we can only swing a quick bite, the Westside has our back.  We crush burgers at Bocado ’cause they rock.  And, like the rest of Atlanta, we gotta have our Taqueria del Sol, but lately, we’ve gotten hooked on another kind of taco:  Korean tacos at Hankook Taqueria.  We like the Dak Gogi chicken taco and the Crispy Shrimp is real good, we also “like” them on Facebook (because with lack of an official web site, we somehow have to know what they’re serving up each day).

Yeah! Burger (Shaun Doty, you know we dig your style) and West Egg should also be prepared to see us more frequently as we settle into our new digs.  We’re getting hungry just thinking about all these food options.  Oh…damn, almost forgot the Swedish Meatballs at IKEA at Atlantic Station.  Holla.

With all the new stuff popping up on our (new) side of town, we still have to show love to the spots that have been holding down the Westside for years, like Bacchanalia (well, for special occasions), and on the opposite end of the spectrum, Northside Tavern.  The true dive bar has not changed a bit in 30+ years (we’re pretty sure the original bartenders are still there), and it’s one of the best places to kick back, have a beer, listen to blues, play some pool, and of course, people-watch.  We highly recommend it as a change of scenery for anyone who’s been frequenting the swankier bars and clubs around town too much.

And, when you’re done eatin’ and drinkin’ and shoppin’, if you just so happen to get the urge to buy, sell or lease some commercial real estate, pop on over and see us.


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