It’s been a busy week for us at GK|CRE, especially for Mr. Kansas (he likes being called that when visiting the state of Kansas, by the way).  We’ve still been hitting the town, checkin’ out our favorite hot spots, and discovering new ones throughout Atlanta’s cool mix of neighborhoods so we can report back, but Gene has had a top-secret (well, kinda) project in the works that we can finally reveal.

Check out Sidewalk Radio to get the scoop.

Then, join us for the launch party on Thursday, September 30, at Octane (GK|CRE’s friendly neighbor).  FREE BEER, FREE COFFEE and Blondie.  Enough said.

We hope you made the connection between the “risque” nature of the invitation and Sidewalk Radio’s first show on The Clermont Hotel and The Clermont Lounge.

We can’t take full credit though.  Check out this poster from The Clermont back in the day (1968 to be exact).

Ahhhh….now you get it.

See you there! (And we’ll be back next week with more neighborhood blogging)