We give props to @ameliatrace for guessing our “Thing” in our “Person, Place & Thing” Twitter Contest.  And, that’s exactly what it is: a thing.  The mascot for our beloved 1996 Olympics was something that our GK|CRE team isn’t so wowed by, both for the way it was “conceived” and for its lack of, um, definition.  “Whatizit” (nickname “Izzy”), the mess of a mascot that seemed to be designed by a committee, is apparently supposed to be confusing, and pretty much the exact opposite of anything we would ever select to represent our city.

What is it?  Exactly.  What the heck is it?

We’re much more a fan of this guy, appropriately named Homer.

Go Braves!

We hate to hate on anything that represents Atlanta, but in this case, we must speak the truth.  Better luck next time, Atlanta Olympics Mascot Designing Committee.


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