We love Halloween.  What’s not to love?  Costumes, candy and the option of tricking or treating.  In the spirit of Halloween, we’re going to be traveling to the ‘hood of Little Five Points:  the craziest, kookiest, trickiest and treatiest (yeah, we know that’s not a real word) part of town.  And, of course, L5P (fo’ short) is home to the annual Little Five Points Halloween Parade each year, which is not exactly for children (or impressionable adults) with its wild and scary floats and characters.

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Let’s just say that while we at GK|CRE consider ourselves “outside the box,” we leave it to the real lunatics (some of whom are good friends) to have a float in the parade.  After all, can you picture a real estate broker dressed as a scary, masked demon?  Don’t answer that.

While we’re on the topic of costumes, you can actually pick up your Halloween get-up at Junkman’s Daughter, the mecca of crazy clothes and costumes right on Moreland Avenue, but that’s not all the store is known for.  The name is perfectly fitting for this Atlanta landmark that carries everything from old school toys to lava lamps to wild jewelry (garlic necklaces, perhaps?).  Also check out Psycho Sisters (consistently voted Atlanta’s best consignment shop) and Bill Hallman’s Flaunt store (just a tad funkier and more casual than our friend Bill’s other locations).

And, because no costume, er, outfit is complete without shoes, we head to Wish, home of the best sneaker showroom (or should it be shoeroom?) Atlanta has to offer.  It’s like you just stepped into a shoe museum or, even better, a Kanye West video.  We don’t say “dope” very often, but this place deserves it.  Yep, it’s dope.

With all this shopping and walking from door to door, we may as well be trick or treating.  It’s exhausting and can put us into serious starvation territory…and, no one likes a “hangry” (hungry-angry) real estate professional.  Luckily, there are more than enough places to fill us up.  Porter Beer Bar not only has one of the best brew selections in the city, but also a pretty awesome food menu.  Fried goat cheese balls with honey drizzle?  Yes, please.  Then, we move onto our three favorite handheld delicacies: pizza, burgers, burritos.  Savage Pizza has some of the best pies in town (and decent li’l Greek salad); The Vortex doesn’t even need an intro when it comes to burgers and tater-tots, and El Myr serves a burrito like you’ve never seen or tasted.  They’re so good….it’s scary.  (See what we did there?)

When it comes to drinkin’ (21 and over, obviously), L5P has Atlanta covered as well.  You should know by now we love our Arden’s Garden (remember, the Grand Slam from our Midtown entry?), and Aurora Coffee serves up the perfect mug o’ joe every time.  But, if on the rare occasion (you know, like a full moon), we DO want a beer, a cocktail, or just want to see an Elvis shrine, Star Bar is our L5P bar of choice.  You can catch some of the coolest local music acts on their stage and if you want to exercise your vocal pipes, hit up karaoke night on Mondays.  Got jokes?  Well, they do amateur comedy that night as well.

While we’re on the topic of cool music, we have to mention our boys and ghouls over at Criminal Records, the hands-down-end-all-and-be-all best music/record/comic book shop in the city.  You can spend hours just flipping through their vinyl selection and not even realize your afternoon is gone.  As for where to catch a great concert in a larger venue, there’s Variety Playhouse.  We’ve seen acts like Zac Brown Band, Band of Horses, and more grace the stage and we love the intimate atmosphere this place provides.  Plus, our friends at “The Voice of the Arts” are big supporters and that’s enough for us!

And, since we can’t neglect our cultural sides, we are very fond of 7 Stages Theatre and the intellectual and international shows they bring to the city.  When we’d rather read than watch, we make a trip to A Cappella Books, founded by UGA grad Frank Weiss in 1989, with the purpose to make the store as eclectic and “indie” as its ‘hood.  You’ll find old, new, out of print, and rare books here, and just like in Criminal Records, once you start perusing, like a witch on a broom…time flies.

On a historical note, we think Bass Lofts is pretty damn cool, and also the home of one our GK|CRE team members (we won’t say who).  This apartment building was an all girls school in the 1930s and has preserved a lot of its original attributes (for example, our GK|CRE’er lives in the gymnasium).  Pretty sweet, huh?  We just wonder: does everyone gather around the cool kids’ lockers in the morning before homeroom?  What about fire drills?  I guess we could ask these questions at the next staff meeting, huh?  We like to think it’s haunted, too.  Just because it’s fun.

As Little Five (another of its nicknames) is the “indie capital” of the city, it’s probably also the tattoo capital of the city, in terms of tatted up folks that live, work, and play here.  So, we have to mention Sacred Heart Tattoo, which has been inking up Atlantans since ’94.  They have a talented staff and patrons always know they’re in good hands.  Yes, that pun was intended.  While none of us at GK|CRE boast an arm sleeve or multiple piercings (they do that, too), we can appreciate the craft.  And, who knows, maybe next year, we’ll go all indie rock, get some tats and piercings and be asked to participate in the Halloween parade!

Ok, so maybe not.

Until then, Happy Halloween everyone!


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