It’s no secret we love Whynatte, the delicious coffee + energy beverage created (kinda accidentally) right here in Atlanta by our friends Jesse and Andy.  And, it just so happens that they’re turning 2 this week (the actual company, not Jesse and Andy). This is why we’ve chosen to spend our Thanksgiving eve celebrating the 2nd anniversary of Whynatte with a bunch of other thirsty Atlantans and a couple rockin’ bands.  Can you blame us?


Smith’s has been a longtime supporter of Whynatte so it’s only right they would host this special occasion.  It’s also a great music venue…and like any awesome party, bands are involved.   Gracing the stage will be headliners The Constellations, who have actually never played the venue before and we heard they’re a little nervous because they’re so shy and reserved.

Yeah….kidding about that one.  The Constellations put on a show so wild you may feel compelled to run around the place, spraying Whynatte in the air and screaming, “this is the best night of my life!”  But, try to control yourself.

As for the opening act, they’re fresh off the Letterman stage and ready to rock Atlanta’s face off.  You guessed it: Vonnegut.  If you know anything about the Atlanta music scene, you know pairing these two bands is just about as awesome as pairing a latte with a shot of Jagermeister.  Now, there’s an idea….

Flyer courtesy of, designed by Esperanza ATL

We advise getting your tix in advance HERE.

GK|CRE also caught wind that Whynatte is bringing B.O.B. to town for a NYE party.  You mean “Nothin’ on You”, “Airplanes”, total Atlanta awesomeness B.O.B.?  Yes, that one.

This holiday season is really shaping up.