At GK|CRE, Matt Barnett specializes in in-town real estate brokerage for cool, entrepreneurial and creative companies, helping them buy, sell and lease. Some of his clients include Perennial Properties, Whynatte Enterprises, and Steve Nygren (developer of Serenbe) to name a few. But it’s not what Matt does in the community, but what he does for the community that makes us proud this day.

Matt recently joined Big Brothers Big Sisters as a mentor to lil bro, Sincere. On their first outing together, the little brother “ran me for an hour”, Matt remembers of their trip to play some hoops. The next adventure was a trip to the movies, and lead to Sincere downing a huge box of M&M’s. “It’s a lot of fun”, both agree.

Good times, good things.

To find out more about Matt & Sincere’s adventures and to talk about how you can get involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters, drop Matt a line at, and if you happen to want to have him help you buy an office building in the meantime, that’s cool too.