Like fried chicken?  You’ll love LeRoy’s.

Pub chef sensation and the best lookin’ fried chicken chef we’ve ever seen, Julia LeRoy, teams up with Clay Harper and Mike Nelson (Fellini’s & La Fonda) to introduce a new restaurant concept to Atlanta’s Westside.  LeRoy’s Fried Chicken is take-away-only and is frying up crispy, delicious chicken at the corner of 11th and Howell Mill Road.  Since their location is only 2 blocks from our office, we’re both happy and terrified (it’s beach season after all).

The food is great and so are the people working there.  Friendly, cool, ready to serve.  But, back to the food.  LeRoy’s uses only the best ingredients…we’re talkin’ all-natural chickens from Springer Mountain Farms, y’all…supporting local and also making a tastier meal…we can dig that.

Do they serve anything other than chicken? Yep. Other menu options include: coleslaw, mac ‘n’ cheese, collards, biscuits, and hand-cut fries. Might we suggest trying the mac ‘n’ cheese?  We thought so.  Do keep in mind that they serve up portions large enough to feed a small army of people, so unless you’re coming off of a serious bender, you’ll certainly have leftovers the next day.

And, if you aren’t too full after your LeRoy’s experience take a minute and cruise by some of our listings in the area.  It’s a great part of town and now with amazing chicken to go, why would you not stay?!