A robust four years has brought BURNAWAY from an idea among friends to one of Atlanta’s leading voices in the arts community.  Each month the site profiles an Atlanta artist under the heading of their Art Crush series.  This weekend many of these artists will come together for the Art Crush Auction to raise $20K in matching funds to continue its mission of bringing local flavor to you.  Keep the flavor goin’, y’all!

By the way, this is no ordinary auction.  Instead of art pieces for you to take home, BURNAWAY will be auctioning off artistic experiences.  From a cookout with Mike Germon along the Beltline, to a garden design consultation with standout artist and Sidewalk Radio guest Cooper Sanchez, there’s plenty to crush on.

So have a look, buy a ticket, and meet us at Seven Stages on Saturday night in L5P.  Oh, and while you’re there, check out our hot spot for lease around the corner…sorry, but we want to get the word out to cool people…this was our chance!

It’s gonna be a good time.

BURNAWAY Art Crush Bash and Auction, 7 to 10, @ Seven Stages