Painters Painting is a documentary from 1972 that explores art movements from the previous 30 years, through interviews with various artists, critics, and creators, including the likes of Willem de Kooning, Frank Stella, Andy Warhol, and Robert Motherwell.  The documentary candidly explores the New York School, moving from Art Expressionism on into Pop using the artists themselves as a lens for the era.

Inspired by the film, the Atlanta Center for Contemporary Art‘s new exhibition Painters Panting explores the sometimes exhausting process of creation.  The show focuses on the frustrations and motivations for why artists create, delving into the intertextual inspirations referenced through each artist’s chosen medium. With references to the studio, body, literature, and music, the show presents these works within the corpus of 21st century art, with gracious respect for the artists that came before.

The show will feature work from David Diao, Craig Drennen, Saul Fletcher, Alex Hubbard, Judy Ledgerwood, Chris Martin, and Jennifer West, and opens Friday, April 13, until June 24.

The exhibit will also include a video with interviews of the artists, curators, critics, and more, in the fashion of the original documentary.

Various events will be held in coordination with the exhibit, including a talk this Saturday with participating artists Craig Drennen and Jennifer West about their process.

Atlanta Contemporary Art Center

535 Means Street NW

Atlanta, GA 30318
Admission $5 for non members.  Thursdays are free to the public.