If you haven’t heard, The Blue Flame is the Westside’s latest dive bar to earn some notable attention.

Thing is, its not really a bar. It’s a gallery show.

Sometime ago artist Ben Roosevelt dreamt he was at a bar, The Blue Flame, with Iggy Pop. The former Stooge however was confined to the Flame, unable to leave. Interwoven in this lurid experience were references to Dante, and some avant garde German art from the 70’s. Then he woke up.

It was a revelation, about Roosevelt’s art, life, and may of his influences. So he decide to pull it from the aether and make it a reality. Luckily the owners of Get This! Gallery were willing to accomodate this Lynchian dive bar, and transformed their while walled cube into a wood paneled watering hole, replete with the original Pabst Blue Ribbon.

On Saturday Ben Roosevelt will give an artist talk at 12 noon at Get This! There will be Bloody Marys and other drinks before and after the talk. If you don’t make it to the talk, check out the show before it closes April 28.

Ben Roosevelt’s The Blue Flame

Get This! Gallery

662 11th. Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

Now serving vodka and PBR.