Let the Muses inspire

It’s too easy on a Friday to swap your office clothes for sweats, kick off your shoes, and enjoy some TV while eating some take out.  And that’s why this week we’re going to enjoy something fresh and creative for a change.  Come join us…we’re going to write.

Enter Write Now! an upcoming Atlanta organization that’s here to work out your metaphorical muscles, and do some writing.

Through a series of fun, live writing exercises participants will use the inspiring surroundings at Garden*Hood in Grant Park to encourage and improve their writing.

And don’t worry about your skill level–this is open to everyone. From the professional who needs to let a bit of levity in, to the journal keeper that needs to escape his own mind,  and even for the person who never writes at all, you are invited to come and shake up your style, and enjoy an evening of writing with abandon.

Participants will  enjoy hors d’oeuvres and drinks courtesy of Stone Soup Kitchen, and some old school writing materials, i.e. paper and pens, all amidst the beauty of Garden*Hood’s flora.

So come on, enjoy this creative thinking event, and get some inspiration.


Write Now! in the Garden

Friday, June 1