Food is perhaps the most ephemeral art. It’s beautiful and well crafted, but you had better eat quickly before it gets cold.

If food art is short lived, then latte art is the fleeting epitome. Despite that beautiful clover/bicycle/galaxy, most of us want that caffeine jolt and won’t linger on that foamy facade.

But it is art, no matter how transitory, and our friends at Octane PocketBar are having a Thursday Night Throwdown latte art competition to celebrate the medium, and boost the cred of ATL’s finest baristas.

So after you enjoy a couple of free beers at that new Sidewalk Radio gallery show, stop over at PocketBar to enjoy a little caffeine performance.  The event starts at 8:00 and goes until about 11:00.


Octane PocketBar

Thursday June 21, 8 pm

Bank of America Plaza