We built this city.

Ok, so we didn’t build this city, but we are helping to build communities and dig the “place making” part of our business.  We also consider ourselves very in-the-know when it comes to in-town Atlanta (and secretly like the song).  Gene Kansas | Commercial Real Estate created this “cityBlog” to share with you our knowledge, along with some of our favorite things that we enjoy about Atlanta: Art, architecture, design, development, city planning, cheeseburgers, and preservation, of course.

We are in-town folks and hope to spread the good word about our favorite ‘hoods, from the best place to grab that burger, to the friends who run our favorite stores.  We talk about the landmarks that “everyone knows about,” but also the people, places and things that are under the radar, so to speak.

We hope you will enjoy.

PS – You can click to any neighborhood you like from the “home” page of this blog to see our AVAILABLE PROPERTIES, by ‘hood, of course.  Also, check us out at www.genekansas.com for a more in-depth look into what we do.

Oh, and Gene also hosts a cool show on AM 1690 The Voice of the Arts called Sidewalk Radio…check that out too if you like art, architecture and design…we hope you’ll listen and love it.