Let the Muses inspire

It’s too easy on a Friday to swap your office clothes for sweats, kick off your shoes, and enjoy some TV while eating some take out.  And that’s why this week we’re going to enjoy something fresh and creative for a change.  Come join us…we’re going to write.

Enter Write Now! an upcoming Atlanta organization that’s here to work out your metaphorical muscles, and do some writing.

Through a series of fun, live writing exercises participants will use the inspiring surroundings at Garden*Hood in Grant Park to encourage and improve their writing.

And don’t worry about your skill level–this is open to everyone. From the professional who needs to let a bit of levity in, to the journal keeper that needs to escape his own mind,  and even for the person who never writes at all, you are invited to come and shake up your style, and enjoy an evening of writing with abandon.

Participants will  enjoy hors d’oeuvres and drinks courtesy of Stone Soup Kitchen, and some old school writing materials, i.e. paper and pens, all amidst the beauty of Garden*Hood’s flora.

So come on, enjoy this creative thinking event, and get some inspiration.


Write Now! in the Garden

Friday, June 1





Returning this Saturday is Atlanta’s premiere cultural event of the season–Vari-Okey.

Part variety show, part karaoke, Vari-Okey is your opportunity to share the stage with A-town’s creative talent and perhaps be discovered as the missing voice in Atlanta’s cultural choir.

There will be live music courtesy of ATL Collective, original poems read by Blondie (yes, the Blondie), and of course karaoke, all amid a who’s who of the Atlanta arts community.

The purpose of the show will be to help launch of ARTWORKS, a digital tool to make participation in the Atlanta arts scene more accessible to more people. This platform will help people that want more involvement in the local arts community, through a newsletter and a calendar of volunteer opportunities that will educate and foster further growth of the arts community.

Some of the groups involved include AM1690, GloATL, Living Walls, Beltline Arts, Flux Projects, and the amazing One Love Generation.

And the best part of this?  THE ENTIRE EVENT IS FREE.

Additionally on Saturday a new audio tour will be available to Goat Farm newbies who would like to learn more about this upstanding arts locale, so arrive early to have a walk around.

Come out for an amazing time with great people, exceptional organizations, and probably some great art.

It’s not to be missed.



Saturday May 26, 8P-12A

The Goat Farm

Gene Kansas Commercial Real Estate is proud to announce that Obama for America will open its Georgia campaign headquarters on Historic Auburn Avenue, at Renaissance Walk.

Symbolically the president’s 2012 Georgia campaign will be located on a street deeply connected with the Civil Rights movement, and 20th century African American history.

OFA’s office will be headquartered just down the block from Atlanta congressman and Civil Rights icon John Lewis’ 2012 campaign headquarters, which is also located at Renaissance Walk.

The Obama campaign worked with Gene Kansas and Michael Dinerman, who represented landlord Cohen & Associates. “With its rich history and bright future, it’s no surprise that the President choose Auburn Avenue as home for his campaign headquarters.  We’re thrilled he selected Renaissance Walk,” says Kansas.

If you haven’t heard, this is the week for live music charity.

Songs For Kids is an incredible organization that goes to hospitals, special needs kids camps, and other places that serve kids in need, and brings them the gift of music. A lot of these children don’t get to enjoy a lot of exposure to instruments or performances, so Songs For Kids brings it them!!  Artists like Janelle Monae, Cee-Lo Green, and Angie Aparo, have all performed and volunteered for Songs For Kids.

This weekend will be the tail end of 500 Songs for Kids, a benefit concert series at Smith’s Olde Bar where “the 500 most beautiful songs of all time,” will be performed over ten nights by a variety of Atlanta bands.

This Friday there will be an additional benefit show with the District Attorneys, one of Athens/Atlanta’s upcoming bands and Hood favorite, in support of Songs For Kids.

So come out this Friday to hear some great live music, and support an unique and worthy charity. The show starts at 645, and 9 for the DAs.


500 Songs for Kids

Smith’s Olde Bar

$20 for 500 Songs and begins at 6:45 pm

$10 for just the District Attorneys and begins at 9:00 pm

Atlanta has some pretty special stuff going on when it comes to restaurants.

The Atlanta Food and Wine Festival is the South’s premier event for gourmands. Over the course of a weekend dozens of chefs from around the South come to display their talents, and share their knowledge of all things culinary.

The festival centers around the various talks and presentations from food professionals, but there will also be plenty to sample and learn about.  From cocktails to country ham, and Buford highway tours to brewmasters, this event has many, many classes that should suit the interests of any foodie.  The highbrow to the more egalitarian fares are all featured.

In addition to all the foods, classes, and celebrity chef sightings, there will also be an array of dinners created throughout the weekend.  Chefs like Hugh Acheson of Empire State South and Asha Gomez of Cardamom Hill will be crafting their wares for special prix fixe meals, an assuredly dazzling taste experience.

The festival will largely be taking place in and around Peachtree St at the Loew’s Hotel, with the majority of events in walking distance.

Atlanta Food and Wine Festival

May 10-13

The Loews Hotel


If you haven’t heard, The Blue Flame is the Westside’s latest dive bar to earn some notable attention.

Thing is, its not really a bar. It’s a gallery show.

Sometime ago artist Ben Roosevelt dreamt he was at a bar, The Blue Flame, with Iggy Pop. The former Stooge however was confined to the Flame, unable to leave. Interwoven in this lurid experience were references to Dante, and some avant garde German art from the 70’s. Then he woke up.

It was a revelation, about Roosevelt’s art, life, and may of his influences. So he decide to pull it from the aether and make it a reality. Luckily the owners of Get This! Gallery were willing to accomodate this Lynchian dive bar, and transformed their while walled cube into a wood paneled watering hole, replete with the original Pabst Blue Ribbon.

On Saturday Ben Roosevelt will give an artist talk at 12 noon at Get This! There will be Bloody Marys and other drinks before and after the talk. If you don’t make it to the talk, check out the show before it closes April 28.

Ben Roosevelt’s The Blue Flame

Get This! Gallery

662 11th. Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

Now serving vodka and PBR.

Painters Painting is a documentary from 1972 that explores art movements from the previous 30 years, through interviews with various artists, critics, and creators, including the likes of Willem de Kooning, Frank Stella, Andy Warhol, and Robert Motherwell.  The documentary candidly explores the New York School, moving from Art Expressionism on into Pop using the artists themselves as a lens for the era.

Inspired by the film, the Atlanta Center for Contemporary Art‘s new exhibition Painters Panting explores the sometimes exhausting process of creation.  The show focuses on the frustrations and motivations for why artists create, delving into the intertextual inspirations referenced through each artist’s chosen medium. With references to the studio, body, literature, and music, the show presents these works within the corpus of 21st century art, with gracious respect for the artists that came before.

The show will feature work from David Diao, Craig Drennen, Saul Fletcher, Alex Hubbard, Judy Ledgerwood, Chris Martin, and Jennifer West, and opens Friday, April 13, until June 24.

The exhibit will also include a video with interviews of the artists, curators, critics, and more, in the fashion of the original documentary.

Various events will be held in coordination with the exhibit, including a talk this Saturday with participating artists Craig Drennen and Jennifer West about their process.

Atlanta Contemporary Art Center

535 Means Street NW

Atlanta, GA 30318

Admission $5 for non members.  Thursdays are free to the public.

Atlanta’s downtown is beginning its rebirth.

Look no further than the recently begun Atlanta Streetcar, the emerging Beltline, and the continued growth of Georgia State University.

Right at the center of it is Auburn Avenue, the historic street home to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center, Big Bethel AME, and the aforementioned streetcar.  With a burgeoning student population, and growing intown livability, Auburn Avenue is at the middle of an increasingly urbanized Atlanta.  And the best example of this change is Renaissance Walk.

Renaissance Walk is a $40,000,000 mixed commercial and residential property that sits adjacent from Georgia State.  The property has direct access to the interstate,  as well as nearby MARTA stations.

With over a dozen retail spaces, Renaissance Walk is a center of activity with restaurants and shops used by resident, students, and business people alike.

Come Downtown for a look at the future of Atlanta’s growth!

For leasing information please contact Michael Dinerman @ 404-635-0027

When looking for a mixed used area intown, there are few places as amenable and varied as Amsterdam Walk.  While many other places provide a Midtown address, Amsterdam Walk offers a Midtown experience.  It’s a local’s area.

There are two things in particular that set Amsterdam Walk apart from other retail in Midtown: arts and community.  To begin with is The Company Actor’s Studio, which has offered classes and black box performances for over 15 years.  The Company puts on a half-dozen performances a year using local actors and actresses, and is one of the few truly local theaters in the city.  Also in the neighborhood is the Red Light Cafe which hosts music most nights, much of it local acts.

Community is essential to what defines Amsterdam Walk.  Education in particular features prominently. Every morning dozens of parents bring their children to the International Preschool, and we’re also lucky to have the fine folks at Gigi’s Playhouse, a center for Down’s syndrome awareness and education.  For the four-legged family member there is Piedmont Bark, a daycare and boarding center for dogs.  These family focused organizations are what set Amsterdam Walk apart.

The area has many popular local stops for shopping, like Gado Gado and Worthmore, Jewelry or dining with Loca Luna, Amsterdam Cafe, and the Bread Garden.  The fitness focused do not have to look far either with both Urban Body Fitness and Intown Pilates offering classes all week long at these local studios.

With Amsterdam Walk’s position along Piedmont Park and the Beltline, it’s a perfect place for creative studios, family restaurants, kid friendly activities, and host of other possibilities.

Amsterdam Walk stands apart as a unique Midtown location with family friendly atmosphere, and local appeal.  Come see how it can suit your needs.

Call today to lease space!

Please contact Michael Dinerman @ 404-635-0027 for information.

What’s that?  Can’t make it to Savannah this weekend?  Well neither can we, but don’t worry, ATL’s got some Irish in it.

For the kids, head downtown for the 130th annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  Kasim Reed will be grand marshalling the event, and you might be able to pick up some goodies, and see some green.  There will also be a 4 story tall balloon of the aforementioned saint, as well as the world’s largest Irish flag.  It’ll all be followed up by an Irish festival at Underground.

Now for the adults, there’s plenty of…well…drinking:

  • Fado–the Buckhead stalwart opens up at 7 am, followed by rugby matches, and their 16th annual outdoor St Patrick’s day festival, replete with dancers, drummers, pipers, and a U2 cover band.  And beer.
  • Park Tavern–Piedmont Park will be looking a bit extra green this weekend, with Lepre*CON 2012.  Music, beer, and some as of yet unannounced activities.  Get your tickets soon however, as it has sold out the last couple of years.
  • Graveyard Tavern–EAV’s annual St. PBR fest will also feature music, beer, people wearing green, but this one doesn’t have a cover.  There will also be more tattoos.

So look, you can have a good time this weekend.  It’s allowed.  Just find a place that start’s with a Mc and go from there.

PS.  Scary, but really great ATL St Pat’s parade promotional