Okay, dudes and dudettes, not only do we help people sell and lease property, but we also help them buy property AND we represent tenants looking for cool props.  So, below is a list of what we want and need.  If you have anything that matches our needs or know anyone who might, please give us a ring.  404-635-0027.

Seriously, we're always looking for great properties...let us know!


RESTAURANT SPACE: We want to lease approximately 2500 sq. ft., Westside of Midtown or Midtown proper.  Very cool concept that you’d find in Soho style hood.

STUDIO SPACE: Need to buy about 5000 sq. ft. for recoding studio and office space.  We work with Grammy-Winners (Zac Brown Band, Dallas Austin, Ben Allen to name a few) so we know that they like to stay away from the fray…keep that in mind.  Edgewood area, Inman Park, Westside are all options.

NIGHTCLUB: Think The Sound Table, but bigger.  Want to lease the space.  Edgy neighborhood (pioneering but not dangerous).