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Returning this Saturday is Atlanta’s premiere cultural event of the season–Vari-Okey.

Part variety show, part karaoke, Vari-Okey is your opportunity to share the stage with A-town’s creative talent and perhaps be discovered as the missing voice in Atlanta’s cultural choir.

There will be live music courtesy of ATL Collective, original poems read by Blondie (yes, the Blondie), and of course karaoke, all amid a who’s who of the Atlanta arts community.

The purpose of the show will be to help launch of ARTWORKS, a digital tool to make participation in the Atlanta arts scene more accessible to more people. This platform will help people that want more involvement in the local arts community, through a newsletter and a calendar of volunteer opportunities that will educate and foster further growth of the arts community.

Some of the groups involved include AM1690, GloATL, Living Walls, Beltline Arts, Flux Projects, and the amazing One Love Generation.

And the best part of this?  THE ENTIRE EVENT IS FREE.

Additionally on Saturday a new audio tour will be available to Goat Farm newbies who would like to learn more about this upstanding arts locale, so arrive early to have a walk around.

Come out for an amazing time with great people, exceptional organizations, and probably some great art.

It’s not to be missed.



Saturday May 26, 8P-12A

The Goat Farm


Gene Kansas Commercial Real Estate is proud to announce that Obama for America will open its Georgia campaign headquarters on Historic Auburn Avenue, at Renaissance Walk.

Symbolically the president’s 2012 Georgia campaign will be located on a street deeply connected with the Civil Rights movement, and 20th century African American history.

OFA’s office will be headquartered just down the block from Atlanta congressman and Civil Rights icon John Lewis’ 2012 campaign headquarters, which is also located at Renaissance Walk.

The Obama campaign worked with Gene Kansas and Michael Dinerman, who represented landlord Cohen & Associates. “With its rich history and bright future, it’s no surprise that the President choose Auburn Avenue as home for his campaign headquarters.  We’re thrilled he selected Renaissance Walk,” says Kansas.

King of Pops provides "an ecologically responsible, fresh, all-natural frozen treat in a fun neighborhood environment." Okay, we dig it.

If you have ever passed by Buddy’s, the…ummmm…gas station on the corner of N. Highland Ave. & North, then you have probably seen the pop scene, the King of Pops scene that is.  The colorful umbrella, colorful chalk board, and “colorful” flavors all coming together for the city’s best popsicle. You can have your pick of specialty pops like Chocolate Sea Salt, Grapefruit Mint, or when the mood strikes…Cucumber Habanero. Over here at GK|CRE, don’t even think about getting in the way when Julia is craving the Watermelon Mojito or Pineapple Cilantro.

But, you don’t just see Steven, founder of King of Pops, and his crew just slingin’ pops on the corner (at Buddy’s) anymore. King of Pops is in Decatur, Midtown, Atlantic Station, a ton of Farmers Markets, Octane Coffee (and the Octane PocketBar) and even the…wait for it…The Four Seasons.  Yeah, The Four Seasons.  But, if you want to juice up and have particular fun this weekend, go see them (along with throngs of other colorful sights) at the East Atlanta Strut.

This Saturday Sept 17th the party is literally going to “pop” off for the East Atlanta Strut. Enjoy fresh, all-natural, pops along with old school pop like PBR.  And, you can also check out music (The Voice of the Arts has a killer stage), grab some eats, and people watch until your heart’s content.


PS – If after all the pops and partying you need to get away for a while and happen to be flying through Atlanta’s International Airport, you might want to listen to Sidewalk Radio to find out more about the airport.  Okay, we know this is a shameless plug, but we still think you’ll like it.

At GK|CRE, we’re big fans of the city’s oldest landmark in continuous use, Oakland Cemetery. We’re drawn to its rich history, its beautiful meadows, its scenic architecture and its place in Atlanta’s development. But, what we’re really drawn to this weekend is the sure-to-be-enjoyable Tunes From The Tombs festival, a weekend of music and spirits benefiting Historic Oakland Cemetery.

This weekend.  May 21 & 22 11:00am – Dusk

Tunes is a weekend-long event that has amazing music amongst Oakland’s extraordinary monuments, mausoleums and gardens. And, just as Oakland is egalitarian, we’re also told that all genres of music will be represented; rock, folk, Americana, jazz, classical, and everything in between.  May we recommend The Drexlers?!

Tunes From The Tombs is sponsored by our friends over at AM1690 “The Voice of the Arts”, home to Sidewalk Radio with Gene Kansas, along with a host of other community active sponsors like the super creatives at CRAFT and the super tasty Doc Chey’s. Thanks to all of them, and now it’s just up to you to come on down.

And, once you’ve had some fun and heard some tunes, cap off your day with a bite to eat or (another) cold beer at Pencil Factory, home to newly opened Caramba Cafe and Hill Street Tavern.

Want to learn more about this fascinating place? Listen to Sidewalk Radio’s show, “Alive At Oakland Cemetery”.  Enjoy.

Oh, and did we mention that we represent a super cool office just across the street??  Yep, check out Oakland Park in between sets.  You’ll dig it.

Typically in “THE SPOTLIGHT” we focus on one “spot”, however today we’re going to share the stage with four of Atlanta’s most inspired and inspiring individuals to discuss a variety of spots and spaces that are created for creativity…And, this is all via Sidewalk Radio’s most recent show, “Creative Spaces”.

Guests include Bob Amick, the creative force behind Concentrics Restaurants, Leslie Sharp, a historian and Assistant Dean at Georgia Tech’s College of Architecture, Allison Hyer, an interior designer who just did the Zac Brown Band’s new headquarters, and Bruce McEvoy, he’s the Chairman of the Board at MODA and an Associate Principal at Perkins+Will.

Check out the show on iTunes!

Sidewalk Radio, hosted by Gene Kansas, is a show about art, architecture, design, development, city planning and preservation.  Creative, cultural, and colorful guests share their stories and insights on this monthly, 20-minute Special Feature on AM 1690’s “The Voice of the Arts”.

December’s Sidewalk Radio, “The Art Show”, considers the question about “How To See Art” from four uniquely creative perspectives.  On this show we hear from The Creator, The Curator, The Career Counsler, and The Chainsaw (wait, you’ll see a little later in this post).

The “Creator”: Radcliffe Bailey, one of Atlanta’s most celebrated artists.

The “Career Counsler”: Robert Brown, Chair of Printmaking at SCAD.

The “Curator”: Artistic Director for the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, Stuart Horodner.

The “Chainsaw”: Terry Legge joins Sidewalk Radio for a few words about divine intervention, innate ability, and therapy through art.

Originally aired Monday December 6th at 8:30 AM & 6:30 PM on AM 1690 “The Voice of the Arts”.