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Alright so this isn’t necessarily a blog about art happenings, but it sure has looked that way recently.  And it ain’t about to change real fast.

This weekend is the ART PAPERS Auction, an event to support the non profit arts magazine based here in Atlanta.  If you haven’t heard, ART PAPERS is a non-profit magazine supporting contemporary art and culture, and it’s pretty great.

The skinny is there’s an auction/party Saturday night at 7 featuring over 275+ established and upcoming artists, available to YOU for a mere $40.  Cash bar, and light hors d’oeuvres.

Check out the online auction for a preview of the artists’ work featured.

PS.  For those of you looking for slightly more affordable/less chic events check out these below

  • The Rail Arts District in Avondale is having a “studio cruise” this Saturday, all day long.  And it’s free.
  • The Polyphonic Spree plays Center Stage on Friday, $20.
  • Did you know there’s snow slides at Stone Mountain?  The Hood didn’t.

Celebrated, Atlanta-based artist Radcliffe Bailey’s solo show, Memory as Medicine, opens at the High Museum June 26th.

You may think you don’t know this artist, but if you’ve ever traveled down the escalator at the International Terminal in Hartsfield-Jackson, then you’ve seen his work in the form of a very large and very beautiful mural entitled “Saints”, a piece about homecoming.  In all cases, you need to know him, he is a true talent and an extremely interesting man.

We had the honor to preview the “Memory as Medicine” show and it is fabulous. Bailey’s work is deep, with influences from the Blues, African Art, music and even from baseball, “my first love”, says the internationally renowned artist during his Sidewalk Radio interview with Gene Kansas on “The Voice of the Arts”.

Another reason to see this exhibit, is because it is rare.  Rare in that Bailey is still young, and he is presenting at home in the South’s leading museum.  37 different works range from paintings to sculptures to works on paper.  Two of our favorites are “Self Portrait” and the trance-inducing sea of piano keys (see top image) that evoke heavy tones of music and history.

Go see the exhibit.  It’s certainly memory making.

"The Driftwood Wave". The Figge Museum, Davenport, Iowa.

Chris Fennell, a recent guest on Sidewalk Radio with Gene Kansas, is an engineer turned artist who is often commissioned to create works of art that truly build up the communities in which they exist.  It is this sense of “building” that interests us in Fennell’s work, and continually impresses those viewing his sculptures in person.

It was during a time in Fennell’s life when he was working as an engineer designing flight simulators, that he was also asked to dismantle a barn for a friend. The wood on the barn was beautiful and Fennell, who had some experience in carpentry, decided that the barn boards would look great if assembled in the form of a wave instead of being discarded as planned. He gathered the boards and began creating.  The sculpture was nearly complete when a 3-year-old boy peered from behind a truck in awe. “Ya know, if you can get a 3-year-old interested in art, you’re probably doing something right,” remembers Fennell.  And, thus began the turn of the tide to full time artist.

"Bus Stop Shelter". Broad Street. Athens, GA.

In addition to building in communities, Fennell also builds sculptures that are typically made from objects and materials that have been discarded from the communities hosting the art.  “Bus Stop Shelter” is just up the road in Athens, GA, and is one of our favorites.

To hear more about Chris Fennell’s work, tune into Sidewalk Radio’s April episode, “Field of Dreams”, where the artist describes creating a sculpture out of 800 aluminum baseball bats for a south Atlanta ballpark.  Trust us, this one’s a hit.

Sidewalk Radio, hosted by Gene Kansas, is a show about art, architecture, design, development, city planning and preservation.  Creative, cultural, and colorful guests share their stories and insights on this monthly, 20-minute Special Feature on AM 1690’s “The Voice of the Arts”.

December’s Sidewalk Radio, “The Art Show”, considers the question about “How To See Art” from four uniquely creative perspectives.  On this show we hear from The Creator, The Curator, The Career Counsler, and The Chainsaw (wait, you’ll see a little later in this post).

The “Creator”: Radcliffe Bailey, one of Atlanta’s most celebrated artists.

The “Career Counsler”: Robert Brown, Chair of Printmaking at SCAD.

The “Curator”: Artistic Director for the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, Stuart Horodner.

The “Chainsaw”: Terry Legge joins Sidewalk Radio for a few words about divine intervention, innate ability, and therapy through art.

Originally aired Monday December 6th at 8:30 AM & 6:30 PM on AM 1690 “The Voice of the Arts”.