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Gene Kansas Commercial Real Estate is proud to announce that Obama for America will open its Georgia campaign headquarters on Historic Auburn Avenue, at Renaissance Walk.

Symbolically the president’s 2012 Georgia campaign will be located on a street deeply connected with the Civil Rights movement, and 20th century African American history.

OFA’s office will be headquartered just down the block from Atlanta congressman and Civil Rights icon John Lewis’ 2012 campaign headquarters, which is also located at Renaissance Walk.

The Obama campaign worked with Gene Kansas and Michael Dinerman, who represented landlord Cohen & Associates. “With its rich history and bright future, it’s no surprise that the President choose Auburn Avenue as home for his campaign headquarters.  We’re thrilled he selected Renaissance Walk,” says Kansas.


So, we’ve spent some time letting people know about what’s “good in the hood”, and about some fun events and activities going on around town, but we haven’t until now given any insight into how we bring cool concepts to great spots. GK|CRE didn’t invent the chicken sandwich, but we are some of the earliest adopters and most active creative thinkers behind the process of “Concept” Marketing for commercial real estate.  Take a read below and see what we mean.

In a time when retail opportunities saturate the market, when few tenants provide the creditworthiness a savvy owner requires, and with expansion moves limited, there exists a great need for creativity. Times have changed, but the simple economics of supply and demand have not. For retail leasing, you must differentiate your property from the competition…that’s where we come in.  GK|CRE’s “Concept” Marketing, a leasing method that focuses on the “idea” to initially attract tenants to a space, creates an emotional bond to the real estate, and results in a connection unattainable through traditional marketing…that, and it makes for more interesting conversation, of course.

Most real estate firms send out the message (mainly to agents) that a property is available through the use of signage, Internet database listings, and cold calling.  We do that too, but we take it a few steps further.  “Concept” Marketing is about ideas, relationships, and enticing the end user to see the value in a space and to their business.

For “Concept” Marketing, the right concept is created, the right networking is utilized, and then the prospective tenant is introduced to the idea in an environment that is comfortable to them.  Kinda like those delightful little samples at Whole Foods, just luring us in to buy an entire wheel of Amsterdam cheese.  We’re happy, the stockholders at WFMI are thrilled, and the men at the cheese market can keep running around in those fun hats.

The beauty of “Concept” Marketing is that even if the idea is not what the tenant ultimately desires, it gets their creative juices flowing and has them thinking about how their version of the idea (retail, restaurant, entertainment, arts, lifestyle, sports etc.) will work.  This exercise is great for the Tenant in helping to further develop ideas.  It also sparks a subconscious connection to the real estate and begins an emotional interest that is significantly stronger than simply driving by a property and seeing a “For Lease” sign.  Or, in our case, an AVAILABLE sign.

We like to call this one "Street cred".

Tenants want to have great new locations and Landlords want to lease space, so at the end of the day, “Concept” Marketing is really good for everyone…including us…especially if it results in a hot new pub in a neighborhood we dig (see our concept rendering for the Dar Bar below)…oh, and call us if we can help you.