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Yes, we know it’s just Monday, but we’re already thinking about Friday. We’re excited to check out the opening of the Fall Exhibitions this Friday October 14th from 6:00 – 9:00 at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center.

Sex Drive and Mike Howard’s Good Ole Boy, promise to be artistic and exciting.  And, as if great art openings weren’t enough, Friday is also Open Studio night where you can grab a drink and visit the on-site artists-in-residence at ACAC.  Join us and join in the fun.


Be among the first to party with Picasso…

The High Museum’s Picasso to Warhol exhibit officially opens October 15th, but you don’t have wait until then to come view works from Picasso, Matisse, Duchamp, Bearden, Calder, Pollock, Bourgeois, Johns and Warhol.

Purchase a ticket now for the AFTER POP Party THIS THURSDAY OCTOBER 6th and you can get a preview to the show along with great cocktails, partyin’-n-people watchin’ on the piazza, and an all around “modern” good time.

The High says “This exhibition will be one of the largest concentrations of modern art masterpieces to ever be exhibited in the southeastern United States.”  We say, bring it!

Cemeteries are a fun place to have a Victorian Festival, don’t ya think? Well, Historic Oakland Cemetery sure does think so, and we agree. This year, the 32nd Annual “Sunday in the Park” Festival, promises to be the best one yet.  Come see for yourself THIS SUNDAY OCTOBER 2nd.  But, before you go, click on over to Sidewalk Radio on iTunes to hear all about Oakland’s past.  But, back to the present (and the future)…

With Fall now here…which it is, we promise…everyone can enjoy a Sunday filled with great music, great food, a scenic and historic setting, and, yes, even a scavenger hunt.  There will certainly be something for everyone to enjoy !

For those who revel in photographic creativity, Oakland has something special in store for you…throngs of guys and gals dressed in Victorian outfits (from the very back of the closet, we’re guessing) ready and dressed to impress in the costume contest.

And for those with kids…bring the young ones along with their favorite teddy bear so they can all enjoy the traditional Teddy Bear Tea.

Tea Time.

So bring the kids, the teddy bears, and your appetite this Sunday October 2nd. Starts at Noon and goes unitl 6pm. Donation is $5.

Midtown Patch spends a day with Gene in…well…Midtown.  Come along for the ride and see what happens.

Gene gears up for a coffee at the Octane PocketBar at Bank of America Plaza.

Founded in 1873, The Atlanta Humane Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Inc. is Atlanta’s oldest, private, not-for-profit animal welfare organization. The society focuses on encouraging pet adoption in Georgia, and provides many ways for the community to get involved.

Oh, and they’re our neighbor.  Octane Coffee and cute kittens and puppies in the same ‘hood…are you kidding us?!

If you are in the market for a new pet, or simply an animal lover like we are, we encourage you to cruise by and check out the spots (okay, so it’s kinda a corny joke).  Anyway, the AHS is a fun place to go – who can resist walking around and playing with all of the cute adoptees?!  Annnnnnnd, this place is one of the cleanest shelters you can imagine…that’s good news for Gene who seems to really like Purell.  They have puppies and kittens, as well as full-grown dogs and cats.  Aside from being a great place to spend an afternoon or to find a new four-legged friend, the Atlanta Humane Society offers a variety of other services, such as veterinary, pet facilitated therapy, and animal education classes.

If you are interested in getting involved with a charitable organization, we highly suggest considering the AHS.  They have an abundance of different volunteer programs ranging from an Adoption Volunteer to a Hoparound Hound Costume Character.  If you can’t make it in to lend a hand, the society accepts donations that go towards supporting and fostering dogs and cats until they are adopted.  To adopt or donate, visit their site.

Already a pet owner? Submit your pet’s best photo to the Atlanta Humane Society’s 2012 “All Pets Allowed” calendar by August 31, 2011 to have your furry friend featured.  Fourteen pets will be selected for “Pets of the Month,” and all pets will be featured in a collage inside the calendar.

Like fried chicken?  You’ll love LeRoy’s.

Pub chef sensation and the best lookin’ fried chicken chef we’ve ever seen, Julia LeRoy, teams up with Clay Harper and Mike Nelson (Fellini’s & La Fonda) to introduce a new restaurant concept to Atlanta’s Westside.  LeRoy’s Fried Chicken is take-away-only and is frying up crispy, delicious chicken at the corner of 11th and Howell Mill Road.  Since their location is only 2 blocks from our office, we’re both happy and terrified (it’s beach season after all).

The food is great and so are the people working there.  Friendly, cool, ready to serve.  But, back to the food.  LeRoy’s uses only the best ingredients…we’re talkin’ all-natural chickens from Springer Mountain Farms, y’all…supporting local and also making a tastier meal…we can dig that.

Do they serve anything other than chicken? Yep. Other menu options include: coleslaw, mac ‘n’ cheese, collards, biscuits, and hand-cut fries. Might we suggest trying the mac ‘n’ cheese?  We thought so.  Do keep in mind that they serve up portions large enough to feed a small army of people, so unless you’re coming off of a serious bender, you’ll certainly have leftovers the next day.

And, if you aren’t too full after your LeRoy’s experience take a minute and cruise by some of our listings in the area.  It’s a great part of town and now with amazing chicken to go, why would you not stay?!

Celebrated, Atlanta-based artist Radcliffe Bailey’s solo show, Memory as Medicine, opens at the High Museum June 26th.

You may think you don’t know this artist, but if you’ve ever traveled down the escalator at the International Terminal in Hartsfield-Jackson, then you’ve seen his work in the form of a very large and very beautiful mural entitled “Saints”, a piece about homecoming.  In all cases, you need to know him, he is a true talent and an extremely interesting man.

We had the honor to preview the “Memory as Medicine” show and it is fabulous. Bailey’s work is deep, with influences from the Blues, African Art, music and even from baseball, “my first love”, says the internationally renowned artist during his Sidewalk Radio interview with Gene Kansas on “The Voice of the Arts”.

Another reason to see this exhibit, is because it is rare.  Rare in that Bailey is still young, and he is presenting at home in the South’s leading museum.  37 different works range from paintings to sculptures to works on paper.  Two of our favorites are “Self Portrait” and the trance-inducing sea of piano keys (see top image) that evoke heavy tones of music and history.

Go see the exhibit.  It’s certainly memory making.


June’s Sidewalk Radio show, “Atlanta Drinks”, is about to pop off.  Hear about Atlanta’s cocktail culture, Coca-Cola, and coffee from Holeman-Finch’s Greg Best, Jesse Altman from Whynatte, Tony Riffel at Octane Coffee, Manager of Coca-Cola’s Archives Collections, Ted Ryan, and long-time Manuel’s Tavern regular, Angelo Fuster.

If you like Coke, coffee or great drinks, you’ll love this show.  Oh, and if you like art, history, legend and lore, then you’ll probably really like this show too.

Airs Monday June 20th. Show details here.

Music, Fun, Food, and Art…yep, we like it too.

One of Atlanta’s most popular neighborhoods, Virginia-Highland, will be celebrating its 28th annual Summerfest this weekend, June 4th – June 5th.

Known as one of the best all around festivals in the city, Summerfest offers a variety of activities for people of all ages. Some of the highlights this year include: an art market, live music, street party, 5k race, and, of course, lots of amazing food (oh, and drunk people).

The weather is gonna be hot, and so is the fest. So, gather some friends, head to Virginia-Highland, and get ready for a guaranteed good time.

Admission is free. For more information about Summerfest events and happenings, and to find a complete music line-up, go HERE.

If you want to learn more about our favorites and what makes this particular ‘hood so hot, click on over to our Hittin’ the Highland Pavement blog post.

And, if you’re really takin’ a likin’ to VA-HI, check out this cool space that we have AVAILABLE.

Happy Anniversary!  Congratulations to Atlanta Magazine for 50 amazing years of entertaining and informing us from 1961 – 2011.  

Atlanta Mag is not only the city’s magazine, but it’s also been a big part of our pop culture.  Go onto their website to see every cover, from cover to cover, in their unabridged history.  Oh, one more thing, we were asked to please say “thank you” to Atlanta Magazine for employing Gene back in the day (he was there for the 35th Anniversary)…we’re told he loved it.

Atlanta Magazine, May 1961 (first issue). Illustration by Norm Kohn.

“I had a lot of fun going to the 50th Anniversary Party”, says Gene.  “I saw a bunch of old friends, met some new ones, and watched Blondie cut a rug as Mayor Reed looked on (enjoying a burger with fries)…they did it right.”

For those of you who did not get to attend the party, but still want to help celebrate this Golden Anniversary, Atlanta Magazine, along with GK|CRE client, The Atlanta History Center, has opened a new exhibition entitled “50 Years of the Changing City”.  Go check it out.

Atlanta Magazine’s “50 Years of the Changing City” is open at The Atlanta History Center, Wednesday – Saturday, from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm, from now through September.  Admission is free.