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Predictions abound for where our country and planet are headed. From fiery prophecies to statistical likelihoods, a myriad of opinions proliferate on the direction we are taking, yet the conclusions are invariably grim. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The Imagine Atlanta Film Series presents documentaries that inform, entertain, and educate about our world. Beginning Tuesday June 19, the series will kickoff with Surviving Progress, a film that explores how our own intelligence may be contrary to our survival as a species. Tracing development over the course of human history, Surviving Progress discusses some of the limitations of human intelligence, as well as some of the potential solutions to increased scarcity on this planet, through interviews with Stephen Hawking, Jane Goodall, Margaret Atwood, and other notable thinkers, writers, and persons of influence.

The series will continue every two to four weeks, with topics ranging from public housing to dumpster diving.  Currently the other scheduled films are Switch, a documentary about all things related to energy, and In Organic We Trust, an exploration of what ‘organic’ really means.

The films will be screened at the Midtown Arts Cinema, but there are tickets for only 120 people, so get them in advance.

Hope to see you there.


Imagine Atlanta Film Series

Midtown Arts Cinema

June 19, July 10, July 24.  More dates to come.

$10 in advance, $15 at the door if available.


Returning this Saturday is Atlanta’s premiere cultural event of the season–Vari-Okey.

Part variety show, part karaoke, Vari-Okey is your opportunity to share the stage with A-town’s creative talent and perhaps be discovered as the missing voice in Atlanta’s cultural choir.

There will be live music courtesy of ATL Collective, original poems read by Blondie (yes, the Blondie), and of course karaoke, all amid a who’s who of the Atlanta arts community.

The purpose of the show will be to help launch of ARTWORKS, a digital tool to make participation in the Atlanta arts scene more accessible to more people. This platform will help people that want more involvement in the local arts community, through a newsletter and a calendar of volunteer opportunities that will educate and foster further growth of the arts community.

Some of the groups involved include AM1690, GloATL, Living Walls, Beltline Arts, Flux Projects, and the amazing One Love Generation.

And the best part of this?  THE ENTIRE EVENT IS FREE.

Additionally on Saturday a new audio tour will be available to Goat Farm newbies who would like to learn more about this upstanding arts locale, so arrive early to have a walk around.

Come out for an amazing time with great people, exceptional organizations, and probably some great art.

It’s not to be missed.



Saturday May 26, 8P-12A

The Goat Farm

Gene Kansas Commercial Real Estate is proud to announce that Obama for America will open its Georgia campaign headquarters on Historic Auburn Avenue, at Renaissance Walk.

Symbolically the president’s 2012 Georgia campaign will be located on a street deeply connected with the Civil Rights movement, and 20th century African American history.

OFA’s office will be headquartered just down the block from Atlanta congressman and Civil Rights icon John Lewis’ 2012 campaign headquarters, which is also located at Renaissance Walk.

The Obama campaign worked with Gene Kansas and Michael Dinerman, who represented landlord Cohen & Associates. “With its rich history and bright future, it’s no surprise that the President choose Auburn Avenue as home for his campaign headquarters.  We’re thrilled he selected Renaissance Walk,” says Kansas.

If you haven’t heard, this is the week for live music charity.

Songs For Kids is an incredible organization that goes to hospitals, special needs kids camps, and other places that serve kids in need, and brings them the gift of music. A lot of these children don’t get to enjoy a lot of exposure to instruments or performances, so Songs For Kids brings it them!!  Artists like Janelle Monae, Cee-Lo Green, and Angie Aparo, have all performed and volunteered for Songs For Kids.

This weekend will be the tail end of 500 Songs for Kids, a benefit concert series at Smith’s Olde Bar where “the 500 most beautiful songs of all time,” will be performed over ten nights by a variety of Atlanta bands.

This Friday there will be an additional benefit show with the District Attorneys, one of Athens/Atlanta’s upcoming bands and Hood favorite, in support of Songs For Kids.

So come out this Friday to hear some great live music, and support an unique and worthy charity. The show starts at 645, and 9 for the DAs.


500 Songs for Kids

Smith’s Olde Bar

$20 for 500 Songs and begins at 6:45 pm

$10 for just the District Attorneys and begins at 9:00 pm

Alright so this isn’t necessarily a blog about art happenings, but it sure has looked that way recently.  And it ain’t about to change real fast.

This weekend is the ART PAPERS Auction, an event to support the non profit arts magazine based here in Atlanta.  If you haven’t heard, ART PAPERS is a non-profit magazine supporting contemporary art and culture, and it’s pretty great.

The skinny is there’s an auction/party Saturday night at 7 featuring over 275+ established and upcoming artists, available to YOU for a mere $40.  Cash bar, and light hors d’oeuvres.

Check out the online auction for a preview of the artists’ work featured.

PS.  For those of you looking for slightly more affordable/less chic events check out these below

  • The Rail Arts District in Avondale is having a “studio cruise” this Saturday, all day long.  And it’s free.
  • The Polyphonic Spree plays Center Stage on Friday, $20.
  • Did you know there’s snow slides at Stone Mountain?  The Hood didn’t.

Cemeteries are a fun place to have a Victorian Festival, don’t ya think? Well, Historic Oakland Cemetery sure does think so, and we agree. This year, the 32nd Annual “Sunday in the Park” Festival, promises to be the best one yet.  Come see for yourself THIS SUNDAY OCTOBER 2nd.  But, before you go, click on over to Sidewalk Radio on iTunes to hear all about Oakland’s past.  But, back to the present (and the future)…

With Fall now here…which it is, we promise…everyone can enjoy a Sunday filled with great music, great food, a scenic and historic setting, and, yes, even a scavenger hunt.  There will certainly be something for everyone to enjoy !

For those who revel in photographic creativity, Oakland has something special in store for you…throngs of guys and gals dressed in Victorian outfits (from the very back of the closet, we’re guessing) ready and dressed to impress in the costume contest.

And for those with kids…bring the young ones along with their favorite teddy bear so they can all enjoy the traditional Teddy Bear Tea.

Tea Time.

So bring the kids, the teddy bears, and your appetite this Sunday October 2nd. Starts at Noon and goes unitl 6pm. Donation is $5.

King of Pops provides "an ecologically responsible, fresh, all-natural frozen treat in a fun neighborhood environment." Okay, we dig it.

If you have ever passed by Buddy’s, the…ummmm…gas station on the corner of N. Highland Ave. & North, then you have probably seen the pop scene, the King of Pops scene that is.  The colorful umbrella, colorful chalk board, and “colorful” flavors all coming together for the city’s best popsicle. You can have your pick of specialty pops like Chocolate Sea Salt, Grapefruit Mint, or when the mood strikes…Cucumber Habanero. Over here at GK|CRE, don’t even think about getting in the way when Julia is craving the Watermelon Mojito or Pineapple Cilantro.

But, you don’t just see Steven, founder of King of Pops, and his crew just slingin’ pops on the corner (at Buddy’s) anymore. King of Pops is in Decatur, Midtown, Atlantic Station, a ton of Farmers Markets, Octane Coffee (and the Octane PocketBar) and even the…wait for it…The Four Seasons.  Yeah, The Four Seasons.  But, if you want to juice up and have particular fun this weekend, go see them (along with throngs of other colorful sights) at the East Atlanta Strut.

This Saturday Sept 17th the party is literally going to “pop” off for the East Atlanta Strut. Enjoy fresh, all-natural, pops along with old school pop like PBR.  And, you can also check out music (The Voice of the Arts has a killer stage), grab some eats, and people watch until your heart’s content.


PS – If after all the pops and partying you need to get away for a while and happen to be flying through Atlanta’s International Airport, you might want to listen to Sidewalk Radio to find out more about the airport.  Okay, we know this is a shameless plug, but we still think you’ll like it.

Midtown Patch spends a day with Gene in…well…Midtown.  Come along for the ride and see what happens.

Gene gears up for a coffee at the Octane PocketBar at Bank of America Plaza.

Founded in 1873, The Atlanta Humane Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Inc. is Atlanta’s oldest, private, not-for-profit animal welfare organization. The society focuses on encouraging pet adoption in Georgia, and provides many ways for the community to get involved.

Oh, and they’re our neighbor.  Octane Coffee and cute kittens and puppies in the same ‘hood…are you kidding us?!

If you are in the market for a new pet, or simply an animal lover like we are, we encourage you to cruise by and check out the spots (okay, so it’s kinda a corny joke).  Anyway, the AHS is a fun place to go – who can resist walking around and playing with all of the cute adoptees?!  Annnnnnnd, this place is one of the cleanest shelters you can imagine…that’s good news for Gene who seems to really like Purell.  They have puppies and kittens, as well as full-grown dogs and cats.  Aside from being a great place to spend an afternoon or to find a new four-legged friend, the Atlanta Humane Society offers a variety of other services, such as veterinary, pet facilitated therapy, and animal education classes.

If you are interested in getting involved with a charitable organization, we highly suggest considering the AHS.  They have an abundance of different volunteer programs ranging from an Adoption Volunteer to a Hoparound Hound Costume Character.  If you can’t make it in to lend a hand, the society accepts donations that go towards supporting and fostering dogs and cats until they are adopted.  To adopt or donate, visit their site.

Already a pet owner? Submit your pet’s best photo to the Atlanta Humane Society’s 2012 “All Pets Allowed” calendar by August 31, 2011 to have your furry friend featured.  Fourteen pets will be selected for “Pets of the Month,” and all pets will be featured in a collage inside the calendar.

Like fried chicken?  You’ll love LeRoy’s.

Pub chef sensation and the best lookin’ fried chicken chef we’ve ever seen, Julia LeRoy, teams up with Clay Harper and Mike Nelson (Fellini’s & La Fonda) to introduce a new restaurant concept to Atlanta’s Westside.  LeRoy’s Fried Chicken is take-away-only and is frying up crispy, delicious chicken at the corner of 11th and Howell Mill Road.  Since their location is only 2 blocks from our office, we’re both happy and terrified (it’s beach season after all).

The food is great and so are the people working there.  Friendly, cool, ready to serve.  But, back to the food.  LeRoy’s uses only the best ingredients…we’re talkin’ all-natural chickens from Springer Mountain Farms, y’all…supporting local and also making a tastier meal…we can dig that.

Do they serve anything other than chicken? Yep. Other menu options include: coleslaw, mac ‘n’ cheese, collards, biscuits, and hand-cut fries. Might we suggest trying the mac ‘n’ cheese?  We thought so.  Do keep in mind that they serve up portions large enough to feed a small army of people, so unless you’re coming off of a serious bender, you’ll certainly have leftovers the next day.

And, if you aren’t too full after your LeRoy’s experience take a minute and cruise by some of our listings in the area.  It’s a great part of town and now with amazing chicken to go, why would you not stay?!