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Cemeteries are a fun place to have a Victorian Festival, don’t ya think? Well, Historic Oakland Cemetery sure does think so, and we agree. This year, the 32nd Annual “Sunday in the Park” Festival, promises to be the best one yet.  Come see for yourself THIS SUNDAY OCTOBER 2nd.  But, before you go, click on over to Sidewalk Radio on iTunes to hear all about Oakland’s past.  But, back to the present (and the future)…

With Fall now here…which it is, we promise…everyone can enjoy a Sunday filled with great music, great food, a scenic and historic setting, and, yes, even a scavenger hunt.  There will certainly be something for everyone to enjoy !

For those who revel in photographic creativity, Oakland has something special in store for you…throngs of guys and gals dressed in Victorian outfits (from the very back of the closet, we’re guessing) ready and dressed to impress in the costume contest.

And for those with kids…bring the young ones along with their favorite teddy bear so they can all enjoy the traditional Teddy Bear Tea.

Tea Time.

So bring the kids, the teddy bears, and your appetite this Sunday October 2nd. Starts at Noon and goes unitl 6pm. Donation is $5.


At GK|CRE, we’re big fans of the city’s oldest landmark in continuous use, Oakland Cemetery. We’re drawn to its rich history, its beautiful meadows, its scenic architecture and its place in Atlanta’s development. But, what we’re really drawn to this weekend is the sure-to-be-enjoyable Tunes From The Tombs festival, a weekend of music and spirits benefiting Historic Oakland Cemetery.

This weekend.  May 21 & 22 11:00am – Dusk

Tunes is a weekend-long event that has amazing music amongst Oakland’s extraordinary monuments, mausoleums and gardens. And, just as Oakland is egalitarian, we’re also told that all genres of music will be represented; rock, folk, Americana, jazz, classical, and everything in between.  May we recommend The Drexlers?!

Tunes From The Tombs is sponsored by our friends over at AM1690 “The Voice of the Arts”, home to Sidewalk Radio with Gene Kansas, along with a host of other community active sponsors like the super creatives at CRAFT and the super tasty Doc Chey’s. Thanks to all of them, and now it’s just up to you to come on down.

And, once you’ve had some fun and heard some tunes, cap off your day with a bite to eat or (another) cold beer at Pencil Factory, home to newly opened Caramba Cafe and Hill Street Tavern.

Want to learn more about this fascinating place? Listen to Sidewalk Radio’s show, “Alive At Oakland Cemetery”.  Enjoy.

Oh, and did we mention that we represent a super cool office just across the street??  Yep, check out Oakland Park in between sets.  You’ll dig it.

Announcing a true “call” for entries…

Oakland Cemetery’s “Cell Phone Photo Contest”

JANUARY 17TH – MLK DAY 2011 – To help celebrate the launch of Oakland Cemetery’s African American Section Cell Phone Tour, Sidewalk Radio is teaming up with Atlanta Celebrates Photography and the Historic Oakland Cemetery to host a super cool “Cell Phone Photo Contest” from January 17th – February 17th.

Contest details, can be found at Sidewalk Radio’s homepage, and so can information about the January show, “Alive at Oakland Cemetery”.

“The ‘Cell Phone Photo Contest’ is a very fun, creative way to interact with Oakland,” says Sidewalk Radio host, Gene Kansas. “Take a look.  Take a listen.  Enjoy.”

PS – Love Oakland so much that you want an office next door?!  GK|CRE has a hot new listing right across the street at Urban Realty’s Oakland Park. Check it out!

It’s a New Year with some great, new listings.  Check them out…

Downtown, we’ve got 140 Peachtree.

Grant Park, it’s Oakland Park that has us excited.

And…more to come…so, stay tuned.